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In the 1960s, a subculture existed right in the heart of downtown Chicago. It was the burgeoning nightclub scene—much of it run by the Mafia. As the only daughter of a talented, narcissistic and philandering stand up comedian at the epicenter of that scene, my adolescence was launched by the sudden murder of my father’s agent in the fall of 1963. What followed was a series of funny, and outrageously disturbing events as I struggled to negotiate and overcome PTSD, predators and dark family secrets. Things changed in 1970, when I met a fledgling young artist who launched me on an odyssey towards education, reinvention and chance.  


“I was just trying to grow up but people kept getting whacked”


“A truly talented and gifted writer. It is a story that I cannot stop thinking
about. Like my idol Spaulding Gray, you have the ability to write with
complete honesty, while making it totally entertaining. It is a unique quality.
Some stories make great books—others can become great movies.
Yours is both. This is a feature film waiting to be made.” 

—JAY JOHNSON, Tony Award winner, The Two and Only  


 “You don’t have to be from Chicago to love The Comic’s Daughter.” 

—JOE MANTEGNA, Actor, Criminal Minds


“This is one of the funniest narratives I have ever read. Sort of a female version of
The Catcher in the Rye. A double-edged sword of subtle, ultra-Jewish level humor with
galvanizing poignancy. It reeks with intelligence. As for sheer talent, clearly gobs of it.”

—DR. JERRY L. CRAWFORD, Professor of Playwriting, UNLV


“A young girls journey through the tragedy of humor and how she survived is a GREAT read.”


  —JONATHAN BANKS, Actor, Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul


Born in Dallas, Texas, author, Carrie Freeman, is the third in a generation of writers, columnists and performers, dating all the way back to 1905, when her great uncle, Sime Silverman, launched the entertainment bible, Variety. Within a week, Sime invited his brother-in-law (and Carrie’s grandfather, Charlie Freeman), to join him on the brand new publication.


    As a member of SAG/AFTRA and Actor’s Equity, Carrie holds a B.A. in Fine Arts with a major in Theater.  She is an accomplished actress with an extensive background in performing, theatre directing and teaching. As a clinical hypnotherapist and creative coach for over fifteen years, Carrie is also a public speaker who facilitates original seminars in the field of human growth, writing and energy psychology. From 2005 to 2013, she served as staff hypnotherapist at a renowned alcohol/drug rehabilitation center located in Malibu, California. Breakthrough Hypnosis, her private counseling practice, is located in Studio City, California   

    Prior to completing The Comic’s Daughter: A Chicago Tale, Carrie contributed to the following publications: The Not Necessarily the News Book (Macmillan Publishing); If You Can Talk, You Can Write and, If You’re Writing, Let’s Talk, both by Joel Saltzman. In addition, she completed an original sit-com pilot and several "spec" scripts with her former writing partner, and childhood friend from Chicago, Karen GreysonIn March 2014, her e-book, Good Evidence and Positive Noticing, debuted with five-star reviews on  

    Currently, Carrie lives in Studio City, California, with a 14-pound Manx cat named Red. When not writing or assisting others, she spends her free time mastering origami, watching television and rear-ending people who text and drive. 

Photo by Michael Helms 

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